Stick or Twist?

The End Game

Following on from our monthly newsletter we’ve attached above an image some of you might have already seen.

This is following an exercise we do with independent financial advisors who are able to establish where you want to be, and how far off you are from this with regards to retirement.

Regardless of where you are already, the decisions you make today are already influencing what your retirement plans will look like.

Now; more than ever, is the time to decide which direction you take your business in.

‘Legacy First’ – what is this all about and what sort of legacy do you want to build?

Many of you would have heard; and it is certainly plastered all over our website, the importance we attach to building sustainable legacies.

Now that starts with yourselves as you all want to do something memorable for which yourself, family and friends would be proud of.

Think about when you do retire what this might look like.

Outside of normal day to day work we are donating to those in need and have thus far in the past month:

  • donated 20 meals to those in need
  • paid for 1 day of training for regenerative farming
  • paid for 12 days of education support for special needs children

For yourself it might be something as simple as wanting to spend more time with the family or that dream holiday.

Ready to take some action?

Why not start with our basic end game budget calculator below to see if you are on the right path then we could look to get that meeting set up with your independent financial advisor.

Get your end game calculator today

Ian Prior - Director of Caretech Systems Ltd

"We have used Tennick Accountants now for a few years and what a breath of fresh air. Regularly discussing more than tax and accounts and recently they convinced me to join one of their 12 week workshops that in one session alone has saved me thousands of pounds already."

Ian Prior – Director of Caretech Systems Ltd

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