Starting a Business

The starting of a business can be a daunting experience for various reasons; including, but not limited to:

  1. You’ve left a stable job where you knew what money you’d receive on a monthly basis
  2. You’re now going to operate in an area totally new to you that you’ve never experienced before
  3. You not only need money to live but you need financing to set up the business
  4. You’ve never been a boss before but now you have everything on your shoulders

Panicking yet?

We’ve been there too and often do have similar moments and they do pass and also return so to start with, breathe and let us help you with all of this.
Fancy a free initial meeting to discuss all of these concerns that will not be timed like a lot of other accountants?

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Following on from this meeting we can then structure a package which might even entail us advising you not to yet get an accountant. Can you believe it!

We can then start mapping everything out for you to give you some structure, direction and some support. As a minimum you will walk away from this initial meeting with another contact that knows about your business along with some free business and accounting/tax tips.

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