September 2018

Have you ever revisited why you first set up in business and assessed where you are today against this?

Have you ever considered where you on your business journey in the context of your retirement plans?

Well we’ve recently undertaken these two exercises as a firm and subsequently been on a bit of journey this year with the number of changes we’ve made; which to date have been:

1. We’ve given you access to documents anywhere in the world safely and securely through a personal client portal.
2. Reduce the fear of missing an important deadline by implementing a reminder system with regards to any filing deadlines as well as payment reminders.
3. Have improved the support and advice readily available to all clients having recruited a further three members of staff.
4. To ensure that levels of service don’t dip and are monitored on an ongoing basis we’ve introduced an internal service charter .
5. Provided an opportunity to access your financial information instantly and accurately at the touch of a button having chosen Xero and Sage Business Cloud Accounting as being packages that we would fully support and use to improve the lives of our clients.

Now we would like you to ask yourself these two questions that we started this newsletter with again and see how any of the above or what we cover below can help get you back on track.

And there is more to come …



We all too often plan for the here and now or for perhaps the year ahead but what about the years ahead and the years when we’re not here and our children survive us?

We work alongside IFAs to do a financial health check on you and your business to not just make you tax efficient but also financially sound. After all, who went into business to save tax alone!

Did you know that we can offer a similar service for customers and suppliers before you engage with them?



Alright not so sexy as the first one but how legally sound is your business in the event of the unforeseen happening i.e. you are splitting up with wife or even your business partner, having a large contract challenged etc.


As a business we may from time to time struggle with both losing our identify from a branding perspective and getting enough work through the door. Let us arrange for a trusted third-party partner to sit down with you and help assess your business.


MONTHLY OFFER – Free accountancy software training

For all new clients that take on an accounting package through us in October will be provided with a free training session with us along with free set up.

Lee Richardson – Director of Coast Technology Limited

"Highly recommend anyone move to Tennick Accountants for a more well-rounded, supportive and proactive accountant."

Lee Richardson – Director of Coast Technology Limited

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