Read This First...

"I’ve missed too much time with the family"

The team at Tennick Accountants never want clients to feel this way.

We’re never going to get more time, in fact you’re getting less AND we have no idea exactly when this time might run out.

Our Chief Impact Officer openly discusses how he is so thankful to his parents for providing him with the up bringing that he had and for the business background he was surrounded with from a very young age. Many of the Tennick Accountants team had very similar upbringings.

His parents made significant sacrifices including his Dad missing many meal and bed times and his Mam sacrificing her own career to support his Dad. It was tough all round as; at the very least in the early years, this meant long hours being worked by them both and he was often not able to get what he asked for.

To add to this, he nearly lost his Dad at an early age and could have lost his Mam not that long before writing this.

Not every business owner is fortunate enough to live the life they work so hard to achieve and we at Tennick Accountants want to help ensure that business owners can be happy with their answers to the following 3 questions:

  • Are you comfortable with how many meal times and bed times you are missing with loved one’s?
  • Are you happy with where your business is today and is it where you would have wanted it to be when you set out on day 1?
  • Would you be happy with the life you have lived and left behind for loved one’s should you not wake up tomorrow?

Raise your expectations and realise your potential as life is short and we want to make every minute count so we leave this life with no regrets knowing that we were the author of our own story.

Mark Fairley

"Tennick Accountants have been invaluable in making sure that businesses such as ourselves have access to knowledge, support and expertise which not only guides them through tough times but also helps them establish a stronger business."

Mark Fairley – Owner of Request A Guest

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