May 2018

Now to start with we should clarify that the software we use; not accounting software but in-house data management software, is called AccountancyManager and yes there is no space between this so it isn’t a typo.

Right now for the important stuff in terms of why we have introduced this and how it will benefit you:

1. With GDPR now being here, how we hold and transfer data is under scrutiny more than ever and must be done securely and in accordance with ICO guidance. The introduction of this software makes us compliant and provides you with greater confidence that the probability of somebody accessing your information other than yourself is minimised no matter how good the hacker.

2. You know all of those times when you wondered what your filing deadlines were? Well now you have your personalised portal where you can access these at the click of a button.

3. You know all of those times you needed to put your hands on your tax return or accounts? Well now you can again access these at a click of a button.

4. We will be more proactive than ever through this software in requesting and reminding you of the need to bring your accounts because all of the deadlines have been uploaded into the system.

5. This software will allow us to introduce personalised automation with regards to requesting books and records from you and providing you with payment instructions and updated letters of engagement for example. This will mean that we can then spend more time more productively on the things that really matter to you.

The above is just really the tip of the iceberg with the following changes still to come, over and beyond this software, later this year; some as early as next month hopefully:

1. Further staff being recruited to be able to provide you with more support than ever and maintain what we set out to offer from the outset.

2. A significantly expanded service offering including:

a) A specialised accounting software package offering that will be making tax digital compliant and will help you better manage your finances internally.

b) A one-stop shop offering that will allow you to access so much more than just accounting services from us so that we can arrange marketing support, branding supporting, independent financial advisors and so much more.

c) Training courses that will cover not only accountancy packages but also start-up packages, grow your business packages and a lot more that you or anybody you know can access.

d) Training manuals that will replicate what we offer through the courses but be something that you can take away and go through at your own pace.

e) Some other exciting; accountancy-related, services that you’ll have to wait to hear more about as these are still being worked on but have had positive feedback about so far.

3. Further tie-ins with third parties to get discounts that we can pass across to you as clients as part of the benefit of being a client of ours.

4. More free events being planned outside our area of expertise; alongside third-parties, that you can attend.

We’re also not finished there with some further exciting technological changes being introduced and soon offered to clients to make your life easier so watch this space.


SPECIAL OFFER – Sage Business Cloud Accounting

We thoughts we’d carry this one forward from our mid month newsletter.

Interested in an accountancy package, accessible through the cloud, that is easy to use, has e-mail, telephone and web chat support and is only a monthly rolling contract that could be cancelled at any time?

Well why not try Sage Business Cloud Accounting? It is £22 plus VAT directly through Sage or £15 plus VAT through us.

I know who I would get it through.



Last few spots remaining on our free HR event on Tuesday 19 June 2018 at Newcastle Racecourse from 9.30 to 12.30 so book your place today if you’re interested.



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