Any surprises ?

As we approach Halloween we thought we’d jump on the bandwagon; or more appropriately the witches broom perhaps, and use this as an extremely loose connection to nasty surprises in business.

Now we all lead very busy day to day lives which means that things in business can easily be forgotten; and I’m talking about the less than obvious things but which could have a massive impact. For example, it would be very easy to not be aware that say a customer’s credit rating had decreased significantly overnight. You might; for example, not realise how heavily exposed you are to one supplier or customer meaning that should anything go wrong; as it did with Thomas Cook, you’re not prepared.

These examples are all too common with smaller businesses and the impact can be massive.

Even where we manage to avoid such pitfalls, the deluge of information around us can often mean that we lose focus and before long our businesses stagnate or even worse.

We have some great tools here and the team has experience of helping clients avoid issues such as above.

Above is just one example of what data we could make automatically available to you off the back of work you’re already doing on a day to day basis.

Want more information again? Well what about below where you basically just get the headlines from your accounting data and can delve deeper as and where you wish?

Having the correct infrastructure and management information around you means that nasty surprises can be avoided and you can keep you business on track and heading towards a very successful future.

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Chevon McCracken - Keith Wilkinson Electrical Contractors Ltd

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Chevon McCracken – Keith Wilkinson Electrical Contractors Ltd

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