June 2019 Newsletter

So we covered accountability last month and have mentioned ways in month’s prior to earn more from what you already have but how can we measure this easily.

Yes we could take some cash out for a night out and know what we’ve come back with but rarely in the business world is it so straight forward when it comes to measuring and managing a businesses cash flow.

Even after putting in place the strategies previously discussed, how best do we measure the complexities around cash flow and build in the experiences we’ve had historically?

After all, as we all know by now; it is not what we have in cash form and what is in the bank that accurately reflects our cash flow position but instead we must also factor in what is also owed out and still owed in.

We; on top of this, have to try and work with uncertain timescales for money coming in before then planning money going out.

Not quite so straight forward then managing it from time to time is it?

Well we have a fantastic bit of software which our Xero customers will love which after our input and modelling builds on historical trends to project this moving forward so that it can be reported on a monthly basis how close or far away you are from projections and why. Plans can then be put in place to better manage issues or even avoid issues prior to them happening.

Interested? Well why not get in touch for a personal demonstration and we’ll walk you through this.

We’ve also just recently done a joint webinar with the software guys covering this subject that you might have seen mentioned across social media earlier this month but if you missed this let us know and we’ll send you a recording.

Are debtors the reason for your cash flow issues?

If so get in touch with us today and we may have just a separate tool for you to help and we’ll be covering this in more detail in future months.

If time is of the essence though e-mail us for a personal demo of this today.

Sean Clifford - Clifford Aviation Limited

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