June 2018

Whether we like it or not the world around us is changing so we all either embrace it or risk being left behind. However, that does not mean that we have to compromise excessively in order to move with the times.

With change though we always need to look to try and see what opportunities these changes might bring and how the associated difficulties that come also may be overcome.

Yes your booking information might only be accessible online with regards to holidays you are taking or even insurance policies. Whilst this is a big change in many cases it does allow you to access this information anywhere in the world and is actually in most instances more secure than any historical method previously adopted.

Yes the documentation of your financial records might also now be moving to the digital age but this will enable you to take pictures on your phone and upload them into a piece of software at the touch of a few buttons. Access your company performance again in an instant and anywhere in the world. Just think of the time this will save and also the space. Your loft and spare rooms might become accessible again.

With change does come challenge but it also comes with opportunity. With us a firm we are embracing this but will not move away from the face to face contact that our reputation is built upon.

All businesses will similarly have to adapt otherwise competition will leave you behind.

Let us help you move forward to ensure that we are all here for years to come.


BREAKING NEWS – Making tax digital

Yes you guessed it, the deadline has moved again. Unfortunately this is only for non VAT-registered businesses and this is being put down to the extra resources that HMRC are dedicating to Brexit.

However, we may also have come across a loophole for delaying this for businesses that have voluntarily VAT-registered who trade below the VAT registration threshold.



NBSL are currently offering fully funded training across a massive range of subjects to help you grow your business; improve your customer service; develop new processes; reinforce health and safety procedures – in fact, to improve staff skills in any aspect of your business.

All they need to get your business registered is some basic information about the business and the training you’d like to do – it should take less than ten minutes.


MONTHLY OFFER – Laser printer users

If you currently use a laser printer and are after any replacement ink cartridges then contact the guys below for a little surprise they have for you:

M2BS Ltd T/a Laser-Ex
Telephone 0191 267 4981
Fax 0191 229 0795
Web www.laser-ex.co.uk

Lee Richardson – Director of Coast Technology Limited

"I always have queries responded to rapidly, additional services provided where needed and proactive advice in newsletters that has been of great help"

Lee Richardson – Director of Coast Technology Limited

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