July 2018

Don’t we all like an easy life in terms of being able to get as much as possible, in one place, in as little time as possible. I’m not saying we all love Amazon though just before I get any backlash here.

Now although we’re not looking to compete with Amazon, I see no reason why us as; as a firm, cannot learn from their successes in order to BE FIRST, BE DIFFERENT and BE BETTER. We’ve already been first with the monthly newsletters by sending this out early before everybody goes on holidays.

We’ve been gradually building up to this over previous months; and there is still plenty more to come, but we are now branding ourselves as being #notyourordinaryaccountant.

So, you might ask what does this mean for you? Well, wouldn’t you like the expertise of one of the biggest accountancy firms in the world without the associated cost but still with the personal touch? One that has a wealth management department but can also advise and provide assistance around other areas such as pension, branding, marketing, IT etc?

Now we can do all of this and are making it known and would ask that you do the same. We can even help get you back bedroom get decorated if necessary.

Your next question might be that’s a lot to do in your existing offices and why do it? Well, we are in the same offices but have now developed and carefully selected a group of partners to work alongside us who; unlike employees within departments of other firms that can potentially take home their pay every month regardless of performance, our partners must earn their keep and take their work as personally as we do as a firm.

How the heck does this then come back to Amazon? Well, being in business, developing it and growing it is a bit like trying to know the A-Z of everything and then trying to incorporate this on a very long journey.

Let us help you do this in ways you could never imagine but in a coordinated and joined up approach to assist you more than ever achieve those lifetime goals that will help you retire when you want with the amount of money you want.

Talking of saving time and journeys …


Going far?  Well have this recorded nice and easily with Tripcatcher

Whilst some of you will be jetting off on your Summer holidays very soon we’re sadly focusing on how far you might be travelling during the working day and the time and hassle involved in recording mileage.

Well, there are now several apps out there at the minute and the one we’re suggesting you take a look at this month is Tripcatcher where from £1.49 per month you can:

1. Log all of your mileage at the click of a button
2. Have this recorded in format that is deemed to be HMRC compliant
3. Link this into some of the main accounting software on the market at the minute.



Everybody hates being hassled and one of the main reasons why people often don’t move accountants is because of the ‘hassle’ of doing so.

Well, for those people that you know that would love to switch to us but the hassle of doing so is the barrier then tell them we guarantee to take the hassle away and can have everything transferred across to us so that we can handle things within 1 working day with minimal effort from them.

If we can’t, we’ll give them a month’s-worth of support free of charge.


MONTHLY OFFER – Want a free trial of some accountancy software?

We’ve managed to get some free trial packages for accountancy software up until the end of August and we will even set this up free of charge for you.

This free trial will only last 30 days after taking advantage of the offer but why not give it a try if you’re still using manual books and records.

We can potentially automate most of this for you along with bookkeeping moving forward.

Quote ‘notyourordinaryaccountant’ if you want to take advantage of this and this will just be one further way to make your life a little easier.

stuart moy

"We have used Graeme and his team for over 8 years at the writing of this testimonial and the service we receive is exceptional. They are extremely professional, proactive and approachable"

Stuart Moy – Managing Director of Arcot Grange Developments Limited”

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