Import update on HMRC direct debits

We thought we should send an update out, given how quiet things have been over the past few days.

In short, the detail behind the Government announcements is where there is change hence there has been very few updates and thus our newsletters may become more sporadic again over the coming weeks.  Don’t worry though, if anything new comes to light for us to urgently share we will continue to do so.

One important update though; can you please cancel any direct debits to HMRC in respect of your VAT or self-assessment if you plan to take advantage of the ‘deferring payment’ otherwise money will still be taken automatically. 

As we continue to focus more on the detail and roll out of everything introduced by the Government, we are asking everybody take advantage of any extra time they have on their hands to ask themselves the following:

  • If you could start your business from scratch today; knowing what you have learnt and with the resources that you have accumulated, how would you structure it differently?  What will you do differently going forward?
  • Given the troubled times we are now facing; if you had known in advance that they were coming, what would you have done differently to prepare?

Now that we can start to focus on what changes need to be made, finance accessed etc. we can focus on how we bounce back positively on the other side of this so you will notice a change in direction in terms of being more upbeat again as we take on you the next step of making the best of a horrible situation.

A friend or contact in need

Never has it been more important to stick together in such times and no more than ever we are here for you to support you however we can.

Can we kindly ask that you listen out across social media, in your circle of friends and contacts, for anybody who too would benefit from the same support that you too are receiving.

Even if they just registered for our newsletter; which they can do by just clicking onto our website here, or if they were to take advantage of our newly introduced and dedicated COVID-19 (click here) and Cash Flow SOS page (click here), you would be helping them out.

Together, we can get through this.

Further help on it’s way

Whilst we have provided you all with a deluge of updates and information we acknowledge that we can do more.

Naturally we are stretched significantly as it is so would like to get this help out to as many of you at the same time as possible but appreciate that a newsletter may not always be the best method.

In light of this, we propose to run a series of live webinars; that will be not be more than say 30 minutes in length; allowing for a 15-20 minute update from us and 10 minutes for questions.

The most popular areas that we are being asked about and that we would look to run a live webinar on include:

  • assistance for those that are self-employed
  • furloughing staff
  • access to finance including government grants
If any of these are of interest, please e-mail us at and we will set up a group live webinar subject to demand.
stuart moy

"We have used Graeme and his team for over 8 years at the writing of this testimonial and the service we receive is exceptional. They are extremely professional, proactive and approachable"

Stuart Moy – Managing Director of Arcot Grange Developments Limited”

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