Business support. Help might be closer than what you think.

As business owners, we have all seen the impact of customers no longer trading; be it temporarily or permanently and the money troubles that they have had.  You may too have seen this with suppliers.  Both of which you may even know personally.

If you could help them through this, they could ultimately keep working with so in turn you too will then be supported operationally and/or financially as appropriate.

I therefore ask you this – are you doing all that you can for others around you because if you do a little bit more; the theme of this newsletter, what positive impact might that have?

I’m going to give you one tip straight away – the content and knowledge shared with you by us, why don’t you share it with them?  If they want to discuss what and how you are striking back, then share this with them.  Pick up the phone and call them and see how they are. If they want a discussion we are opening our doors to non-clients for some brief informal advice also for no charge as now is the time to give back as ultimately this will in turn help you and the wider society out.

All of these small steps could just mean that they; and you, end up with money back in your pocket sooner than you otherwise would have done.

Giving Back to Society

As we have said on more than one occasion; we are going over and beyond current letters of engagement to support clients in their time of need.

This has included:

  • regular updates via newsletters
  • one to one phone calls and zoom meetings
  • free access to additional software
  • assistance with funding applications
  • and more

We did this out of choice but also consider that we should be giving back to society as a whole so we ask if you could put a value on the additional support given to you by us, would you kindly mind making an anonymous donation to NHS Charities Together (a donation can be made here).

If you have already donated or do not wish to we totally understand hence asking you to do this without our knowledge and it being at your own discretion and it is just be a further way that together we can be making a difference to the wider society in these unprecedented times.

What is planned for May?

Whilst we must get back on track ourselves as firm in May, our ‘Strike-Back’ strategy continues and we have an exciting line-up of speakers planned for clients that will further help you reinforce and re-engineer your business so that you come back with a bang as you are most likely sick of us by now!

Watch this space for further information.

HR and Health and Safety Challenges

Covid-19 is presenting businesses large and small with unprecedented HR and Health & Safety challenges, and Mentor recognise that many business owners are feeling confused and anxious.

Natwest have kindly invited you all to a short webinar where a panel of experts will discuss the latest developments on the hot topics. This week the expert panel will focus on areas of employment law including:

·         The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme – the latest updates and the situation during week 1 of claims

·         Workforce planning – considerations and steps to take for the future return to work

To book onto this please click here.

Gary Davis - Managing Director of Team Build Group

"I have known and worked with Graeme and his amazing team at Tennick Accountants for several years and have always found them to be proactive, easy to deal with and focused on providing a quality service."

Gary Davis – Managing Director of Team Build Group

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