August 2019 Newsletter – Receipt Bank

For those of you already using Receipt Bank I’m sure you’ll agree that it is already amazing and for those of you not using it; why aren’t you? If you still have any doubts this should help and if you want just some of the testimonials we’ve received so far then here is just a selection:

“This has reduced manually data entry time by more than a third!”

“Our office has never looked tidier and more organised.”

“No longer are weekends taken up sorting paperwork.”

The new feature means that the software can now handle sales invoices as well as purchase invoices so why not take advantage of this feature where you are still raising sales invoices manually or outside of accounting software?

Freebies …

For all Xero client’s you should have earlier this month received an e-mail that offered you free access to:
Cost management software that would look on a regular basis to manage and reduce your costs; one client alone has already seen savings of nearly £1,500 identified.
Credit management software that manages and monitors the credit rating of your customers and e-mails you when this changes so you are better prepared for any financial difficulties you may face as a result of getting paid.
We are offering these two pieces of software free of charge up until the 31 October 2019 but you must opt in if you are interested so that we can plug them in accordingly and share them with you.

Get in touch today if of interest.

Client Portal Changes
As of 30 September 2019 the client portal that you currently have access to will no longer be available.

This was initially introduced to tick the relevant GDPR boxes but we now have access to better technology that ticks the same boxes and more than ever so this will instead be replaced by the following:
All invoices previously uploaded; both sales and purchases should now be uploaded via Receipt Bank as this will be managed and integrated directly with your year-end accounts.
Any other information you previously uploaded through the portal should be uploaded through Iris OpenSpace which is our compliance software portal as this integrates across all of our platforms including tax and accounting software. Likewise where we have previously shared information with you this will now be shared through this same software.
This change will not come in until the end of next month so should you have any queries or concerns then please contact your account manager to discuss these further.

Lee Richardson – Director of Coast Technology Limited

"Highly recommend anyone move to Tennick Accountants for a more well-rounded, supportive and proactive accountant."

Lee Richardson – Director of Coast Technology Limited

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