August 2018

Two of the biggest barriers to growth for many businesses are:
1. Time
2. Cash flow


We’re all struggling to make the most of what time we have; although we all have the same amount of time; it is just how we choose to spend it.

With the modern technology now around us; something that we as a firm are embracing, we can help you achieve more in less time.

We’ve looked back over previous years and learnt what clients want and need and how best this could be delivered more efficiently, hence the Back to the Future theme this month.

Well how would you like the following:
1. Less paperwork taking up all of the space in your office
2. Less time being needed to organise paperwork so you can spend more time earning money
3. More timely, up to date information to enable you to make better decisions sooner
4. Less hassle and concern when it comes to potentially losing smaller receipts and subsequently the tax and VAT thereon

We will be introducing some software next month which will be made available to all clients; FREE OF CHARGE, where you can benefit from all of this. This will be one of the first steps on that A to Z journey we touched upon last month.

Cash Flow

Would you like a FREE creditors services check via one of our trusted third party partners? Perhaps you’re just about to take on a brand new customer or are about to order something from a brand new supplier and want a little more info.

Perhaps, you’re already past this stage and have engaged with a company but now have growing concerns about them?

Well why not contact Jordan Heys at to take advantage of this service.

Let us help you spend your time wisely; ensuring that you receive just rewards for this.


More for less?  Too good to be true?

For those that haven’t seen the Back to the Future films in the second instalment Marty came across this book that basically told you future sporting results; ignore the reference to the year 2000 as this was an old film.

We cannot predict the future, but what we can do is help make our clients have a properous future and this is the reason why we are offering these free additional services.

By saving you time and offering you a service to save you time that; yes we do pay for, will mean you benefit in each of the ways mentioned above. We too will benefit as we can shift our focus from data entry to strategic support which will mean that we too can assist in adding to your bottom line more quickly with better results.

In terms of the free creditors service again this should mean that you maintain a positive cash flow position and the guys who we are working alongside can then assist before it too late hopefully; not just with yourself but with any of these third parties also.

In short, by all working together we can all prosper and move forward.



Yes this was on last month’s newsletter but the event is now fast approaching so we thought it worthwhile repeating it this month.

What is Customer Experience and how do you apply it to the local small and medium-sized business?

Join the original CXY pair, Kate and Kennedy for a half-day interactive workshop to see how you can grow your business through real-world Customer Experience.

By the end of this truly innovative session you’ll ‘get’ what CX is, you’ll see how your customer experience is the only reason why your customers choose you over your competition and you’ll have a roadmap of where to get to work on delivering world class customer experience on a local level.

– Build your brand reputation
– Get your customers to do your marketing for you
– Win more customers
– Keep more customers
– Have more fun doing what you do


You probably want to know their credentials…
Kate Cooper-Fay has more than a decade’s experience delivering strategy to FTSE 100s which are focused around growing companies and their markets through customer experience.
Kennedy uses his unique understanding of human behaviour and more than a decade of experience giving talks and presentations for global corporations in his uniquely engaging style.
It’s this recipe of Kate’s corporate experience and Kennedy’s practical “no bullshit” approach that make CXY workshops so impactful.

Regular price: £297 – special for this first run just £97 (plus transaction fees)

MONTHLY OFFER – Want to reduce your stationery costs down?

There are two ways to view costs:

1. How can these be reduced?
2. How can you get more from existing costs?

We have a client that is willing to do a free stationery audit for you so why not do both in September?

Call Moira at Laser-ex on 0191 267 4981 to take advantage of this offer or e-mail her at

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