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Established Business

Rather than being a start-up business or one that is seeking rapid growth you might instead be an established, settled business that just wants to explore the idea of change.

This might be enforced such as the soon to be introduced Making Tax Digital which HMRC is running with or might be more out of choice such as wanting to review existing accounting software and processes and overall accountancy support.

As with all new contacts we will offer a free initial meeting that can be booked here whereby with your permission we can first see what you would most like to achieve out of this initial meeting then look to dissect; not as scary as it sounds, what you put in front of us to see how we can help you move forward.

So you might be thinking of what examples of things could we introduce for an established business:

  1. A review of existing staffing to assist with you how you get more out of them by being more efficient by introducing some new quirky; yes quirky, software.
  2. A review of cash flow and financing requirements to see how improvements could be made by accessing cheaper sources of finance.
  3. Revisit your retirement plans to see where you are against these and what we can do to ensure that you are on target or how we can even improve it.

Growing a business

In addition to what we do for established businesses; might be worth a quick meander alongside this section, we are also frequently involved with both businesses growing at a rapid pace and more stagnant businesses that are desperate to grow but don’t know how.

How might we help? Here are just a couple of examples:

  1. Let’s go back to the beginning and see what it was you hoped to achieve then see where you are against this. Then let’s have a look to establish a strategic vision for yourself moving forward that we can hold you accountable against.
  2. Let’s talk about money. What have you got, what do you need and where are we going to find it?
  3. Packing it all in as you reach retirement age – let’s see when we can make this a viable option for you, what steps we need to follow to get you there.
  4. How can we use technology to improve your business? For example, with restaurants we can introduce software that will tell you which member of staff earns you the most money, which dish there is the most profit on and what day and time of the week is your most profitable. What similar things can we do for you?

You might also be concerned with the hassle of moving from your existing accountant. Well we can offer a 1 working day guarantee switch over process where we will sort everything for you.

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