A new approach to Tax Advice

If you approached us to ask about our bookkeeping services; by simply asking a couple of questions we would be able to determine very quickly the services you need. This is because bookkeeping is a service that has been industry-defined, making it very easy to find the service you need.

But what about when it comes to tax advice? Tax is an incredibly complex subject that is intertwined into so many different aspects of business and life. It can be extremely difficult to explain what it is you need help with and equally hard to determine the right course of action. You’re not a tax expert, so how do you know what you are looking for? And the truth is most accountants aren’t tax specialists either, as specialist tax advice is an entirely separate field from accountancy.

This can cause big problems both for you as a client and us as your advisor.

You run the risk of:

  • an inaccurate quote, that takes longer to obtain,
  • the goal posts changing once engaged,
  • being asked for additional information in bits, leading to delays,
  • additional costs once the work begins.

The biggest risk is you don’t actually get the tax advice you wanted – which we would never want to happen.

Access Expert Tax Advice when you need it

To ensure this doesn’t happen and to make it easier for you to access, we’ve launched a new service to manage your specialist tax advisory needs and issues, no matter how complex.

We’ve learnt from experience that separating the consultancy steps is vital to ensure you receive the best service possible. Our alternative approach to Tax Advice and Consultancy means we can accurately identify the advice you need, giving you the results you wanted.

Here’s a step-by-step of what to expect when you reach out to us with a tax advice enquiry:

Why is this approach so much better?

It’s only by asking the right questions, and ensuring the process is carefully documented that your needs can be diagnosed accurately.

You see, by asking a specific set of consultative questions, bespoke to your circumstances, we can collate the facts and motives needed for a Tax Specialist to be able to give advice, for your specific tax enquiry.

This means an accurate proposal can be prepared clearly explaining the financial and non-financial benefits to you. It’s vital to us that you understand the proposed work and feel equipped to make an informed decision about whether you choose to take the advice forwards.

Need help with a Tax Issue?

Find out more about our Tax Advice & Consultancy service, or if you’ve been sitting on a tax issue or a complex situation for some time, we can help you access the expert advice you need.

Get in touch here, and let’s get you and your business the tax advice you need.

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